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Michael Clarke

Former Captain, Australian Cricket Team

Rebuilding Australian Cricket’s damaged reputation – what lessons can we learn? How will Australian cricket rebuild its shattered reputation on the world stage after getting rocked by the ball-tampering scandal that led to the resignation of the coach and the suspension of the captain and vice-captain of our national team? How does cricket's approach apply to local government?

Join Mark Withers, CEO City of Port Adelaide Enfield Council, as he hosts this intriguing conversation.

Michael Clarke was the 43rd test captain of Australia. When he was appointed in 2011, the team was ranked number five in the world. In less than 18 months under his leadership, he took the team to number one.

Dr. Barry Quirk

CEO, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Nobody can predict a crisis. But you can prepare for managing one. Barry will talk about his principle-based approach to blend what is publicly and politically desirable with what is both technically feasible and managerially deliverable when your crisis arrives.

After twenty years as Chief Executive of Lewisham, Barry was engaged as CEO in the Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy. He has authored academic papers on risk and resilience, future values of professional public service and best practice in community action and civic dialogue..

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Frances Crimmins

Executive Director, YWCA

Despite the gains women have made in obtaining leadership positions, many are still locked out of decision making roles. Until we make changes to the design of our institutions, gender bias will continue to work against progress.

Frances has a passion to see women achieve their potential and shape their communities. In 2015, Frances received an Edna Ryan Award for advancing the status of women in the ACT. In 2016, Frances was named ACT Leader of the Year at the Australian Leadership Excellence awards run by the Australian Institute of Leadership and Management.

David Burfoot

The Ethics Centre

In today’s hyper-connected world, people are expected to make split second decisions. Join David for a valuable professional training workshop that will equip you with the tools to identify and resolve complex ethical dilemmas using practical scenarios and group exercises.

David Burfoot is an anti-corruption expert who has worked in the not for profit, public and private sectors domestically and internationally for organisations as diverse as the United Nations Development Program, Deloitte, the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption and Sydney University.

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Jodie Nevid

Co-Founder, The 7 Effect

The brain is the most complex organ in the human body but do you really understand how it functions and what it’s capable of? In this hands-on brain training presentation, you’ll be taught how you can rewire your brain for success.

Jodie has worked with thousands of leaders across Australia and New Zealand and regularly
speaks at conferences about self-development, personal growth, leadership and high
performance. She believes in living life to it’s fullest and is passionate about inspiring others to do
the same.

Gary Okely

CEO Public Sector, Director at JLT Australia

Local Government’s role in supporting and protecting its communities is never more evident when
catastrophic events arise. In this presentation, Gary will discuss key risks, emerging global
trends, legal responsibilities and strategic outcomes that can be implemented.

Gary has worked in various insurance and risk advisory roles throughout his career and became a
Director of JLT Australia in March 2010. Gary is a Board Member of the National Insurance Brokers
Association and the Local Government Mutual Risk Scheme in South Australia.


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Marianne  Di Giallonardo

Maroondah Council

Dealing with crises and working within a tight fiscal environment while responding to ever-changing and
increasing community needs and expectations is challenging at the best of times. It puts continuous
improvement and innovation at the centre of everything so local governments can be responsive and agile
to meet stakeholders' needs and expectations. The Maroondah journey provides valuable lessons in how
to do this sustainably, with high engagement and outstanding results.

Marianne is a highly sought after leader with over 35 years’ experience in public sector service
delivery, advocacy and planning.

Daniel Fletcher

GM Communities, Central Highlands Council

Millennials. We all know how to complain about them, but do we understand how to lead them? In this
session, you will learn it’s not just about bean bags, coworking spaces and free food this spoilt, lazy and
entitled generation wants.

Daniel attained a senior executive LG position as a 29yo and is a highly motivated and deliberately
thought-provoking leader. He takes pride in being the custodian of culture and utilising a collaborative
approach to positively influence organisational and cultural change with profound results. He is passionate
about inspiring others to do the same.

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Matthew Gordon

CEO, Our Say

With constant advances in smartphone technology, we live in an era of transparency never seen before.
Nowadays citizens demand to be involved in the decision making process at the local government level.
This workshop provides leaders in Local Government with the tools to identify, manage and leverage
community outrage and reduce the risk in the communication exchange.

Matthew is a public servant turned social entrepreneur and current chief of OurSay - a one stop shop for helping public organisations involve their community in decisions.

Dr. John Martin

Emeritus Professor, La Trobe University

Is Queensland’s local government completely broken or just a hotbed of perceived corruption? Can it be
fixed? In this presentation, Dr Martin will identify systems and processes that both professional and
elected members can adopt to ensure that they are not captured by corrupt practices.

John is a public policy scholar with early training in public administration and sociology. He is an Emeritus Professor at La Trobe University and has published extensively on a wide range of issues impacting local

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Ashleigh Tapper and Rebekah Milnes

Community Development, City of Armadale

Sustainable transformations of systems, communities and lives are achieved through collaboration
creating positive impacts. Ashleigh will present on the importance of making the most of the platform
local government professionals are given, keeping people at the very heart of our work and the
momentum that arises as a result of passion.

Ashleigh holds a Bachelor of Mass Communications and a Graduate Certificate in Human Rights and was
recently awarded the inaugural Next Gen Leader Award in the 2018 National Awards for Local
Government. Ashleigh will be joined by Rebekah Milnes, Manager Community Development.

Lachlan Gibson

Director Corporate Services, Weddin Council

The Mid Lachlan Alliance was designed to imbed processes for initial review to better understand
improved performance and structure mechanisms for ongoing review and cultural wellness among the
participating five Councils. This presentation will highlight the value of a comprehensive improvement
program and opportunities that arise when councils collaborate.

Lachlan is a Chartered Accountant and came to the Council in 2014. He will be joined by Stephen Sykes
(Sykes Peer Review) and Ben Lawson (Common Thread Consulting).

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Bill Osbourne

Industry Director- LG, Technology One

Aligning digital strategy with customer expectation presents councils with a unique challenge. In today's
landscape, the need to overhaul antiquated and disparate systems is no easy feat. Learn how other local
governments have employed digital first strategies to improve service delivery and place customer
centricity at the forefront of council operations.

Bill Osborne has 40 years’ experience working in government procurement and operations, namely with
the Australian, USA and UK Governments where he built, managed and maintained financial systems.

Andrew Alford and Steph Roberts

National Business Manager, McArthur; HR Manager, City of Marion

In 2018, it’s all about the apps! Andrew Alford from McArthur Talent Architects will be joined by Steph Roberts, HR Manager City of Marion Council, to present a case study highlighting how Marion Council utilised innovative technology, the McArthur LIFE APP, to measure and monitor staff engagement levels and how the data played an integral role in Council’s
workforce planning and leadership empowerment strategies.

Andrew is the National Business Manager for McArthur. Steph is currently the Human Resources Manager at the City of Marion Council and enjoys collaboratively developing and driving progressive HR strategies. 

Andrew Alford

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Dr. Peter Swan

Shoalhaven City Council

A human-resource crisis, if left unchecked, has the potential to disrupt the service obligations and
management practices of Australian local-government organisations. Peter will provide an overview of his
study, which focussed on workers aged over 55 years to identify the predictors influencing older local
government workers’ retirement intentions.

Peter holds a Doctorate of Business Administration and Management. He aims to raise awareness,
encourage dialogue and the development of policies by councils to foster supportive work conditions for
older staff.


Cr Glenn Inglis (Tamworth, NSW) (pictured), Melinda Hewitt (Reflect Reframe Transform), Stephen Sykes (Sykes Peer Review)

By definition a crisis is a threat to an organisation which includes the element of surprise and a short decision time. So what can councils do to position themselves to manage potential issues in a broader context of management and leadership?

Drawing on their experience in senior management, administration, elected council membership, and representation on state, regional and national boards, the panel will discuss the key elements that underpin strong leadership in the local government environment. Join them as they discuss good governance, collaboration, the importance of mindsets, managing relationships between GM/CEOs and elected officials, styles of leadership and the benefits of coaching.

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Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council CEO, Peter Tegart

This study tour will showcase how to build investor confidence and change resident's perception of your regional centre. The Council’s Transformation Strategy includes three stages: constructing streetscapes and landscapes in the Queanbeyan CBD; rethinking the way people and vehicles interact, how places connect; and facilitating an increased number of workers and residents into the town centre.

The Transformation Strategy brings together the ambitions of placemaking, movement corridors and smart cities to digitally and physically connect people and green spaces in CBD precincts.

The QPRC LGA is growing at 2% per year with one house a day built and occupied. One of the shining lights is the new suburb of Googong. Built near Googong Dam, the town is designed to be self-sustainable and is home to more than 16,000 residents. Googong has been designed as a state-of-the-art township with its own water recycling plant that returns treated effluent back to its residences and reserves.

CEO, Mr Peter Tegart, and Googong Township Project Director, Mr Malcolm Leslie, will take you through these key steps and how they have transformed into the city we see today. A tour of Googong and some other key sites will follow.

To secure your complimentary seat, please tick the relevant box during Congress registration.


Peta Irvine (CEO, LGMA QLD) (pictured), Ray Burton (CEO Cook Shire, QLD), Dr. John Martin (LaTrobe University)

The notion of integrity is used expansively as a general, all-purpose benchmark against which to measure public conduct. The principle of integrity should be reasonably clear, yet the debate about what is and is not within bounds continues. Recently, councils across many jurisdictions have been investigated, dismissed and prosecuted which has fed public opinion and a media frenzy. The reputation of our sector has taken a battering. Join Ms Irvine, Mr Burton and Dr Martin as they discuss the current state of the sector and why the communities we serve know their rights and demand respect, transparency and accountability.

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Russell Joiner


Manager, Human Resources, Frankston City Council

Australia Awards are prestigious international scholarships that build capacity and strengthen partnerships between Australian and partner organisations by providing short-term study, research and professional development opportunities in Australia, mid-career professionals and emerging leaders can tap into Australian expertise, gaining valuable skills and knowledge.
Through this project in 2017 LG Professionals Australia helped strengthen municipalities in Nepal for facilitating de-centralisation and ensuring better service delivery. The project helped build the capacity of local government professionals and elected representatives in Nepal.

Russell Joiner will share his experience as a member of a host council for Nepali fellows and will discuss the benefits councils can derive from participating in international programs.


Jim Myhill, Facilitator

When the student is ready the master will appear... but who is learning from whom?

In this two way speed mentoring session, delegates will meet and discuss engaging topics with peers in a facilitated, fun and dynamic environment. Each delegate will meet with a number of other participants in the 45 minute session and both will engage in knowledge sharing on a range of suggested topics. By drawing on others’ experiences, you can expect positive learning outcomes and form new enlightening and ongoing relationships.

Speed Mentoring
Su Chang Cho


Chief of Korea Local Government Centre for Oceania, Governors Association of Korea

The Sejong Local Food Campaign case study highlights how a large city can achieve food self-sufficiency through targeted legislation and collaboration with the private sector. Mr Su-Chang Cho will share his experiences working as Director General of the Balanced Development Bureau in one of South Korea’s state level governments, Sejong Special Self-governing City.

Sejong City was newly created to function as the nation’s administrative hub in 2012 and Mr Cho was heavily involved in the city’s establishment. Mr Cho currently presides over the Korean Local Government Centre for Oceania based in the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea, Sydney.



Director, LG Professionals Australia International Mentor Program

One of the most vital development areas for emerging economies is to cultivate a skilled workforce, yet many governments struggle with developing the proper environment and providing opportunities for their youth. Through the International Mentor Program, LG Professionals Australia connects young people (mentees) in Cambodia, Myanmar, and Nepal with skilled professionals (mentors) in Australia.

Dr Silcox will highlight key community-based projects undertaken by participants in 2018, and recent program achievements.

Victoria McKirdy


CEO City of Victor Harbor Council

Victoria will facilitate our Policy Sprint workshop series, held in The Forum, on emerging local government issues. The 2018 National Congress & Business Expo is not just about one-way presentations. It is an unmatched, nationally-focused opportunity to contribute to the design of a new national policy platform, influence the advocacy and agenda for the sector and be prepared for the Federal Election next year. Come and join the conversation.



National Congress & Business Expo is Australia’s peak convention for local government professionals. It empowers, connects, educates and inspires with two days of guest speakers, hands-on workshops and thought-provoking master-classes exploring themes of leadership, innovation and best practice.



Standard Registration* – Members $850
Late Registration – Members $1050
Standard Registration* – Emerging Leaders** $650
Late Registration – Emerging Leaders** $850
Standard Registration* – Non-Members $1200
Late Registration – Non-Members $1500
Standard Registration* – International Delegate $750
National Council Membership, including two Congress tickets & many more benefits $2229

   * Standard registration prices are available until midnight, 31 July
   **Emerging leader - Up to the age of, and including 40, and holding a position in local government.

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